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The Bone Crackers

  • Name three soldiers mentioned in the bible.
    (Joab, Naemann, Cornelius)
  • In which book of the bible to we read about Haman? (Esther)
  • Which Roman was in charge of cultivation in Syria at the time of Jesus’ birth? (Cyrenius)
  • Who was Bernice? (The wife of king Agrippa)
  • What were the names of Abraham’s brothers?
    (Nahor, Haran)
  • What was the name of a female judge and her companion?
    (Deborah, Barak)
  • What happened first? Appointment of Matthew as an apostle or the appearance of the Holy Spirit? (Appointment of Matthew as an apostle)
  • What was the goddess in Ephesus called who was worshipped the most?
  • What was Priscilla’s husband called; which job did he have?
    (Aquila, tent maker)
  • Name three sons of David. (Salomon, Absalom, Nathan)